Ryan Avery

Pac-Man Game

This is a game that I created in 2013 that was just for fun and was not part of any school project. It was something I made as I was learning to program and was done before I started going to university to study computer science. This game is a version of Pac-Man that has a few added features. When the player clears a board, instead of restarting on the same map there is a new map that the player then plays on. In total, there are currently 13 levels, each of which has a unique map. There are also bonus features such as “Ninja Mode” that the player unlocks after having beat the entire game.

This project was written entirely in C# although it does not make any use of the features that are normally seen in a C# program. The game was built using Microsoft's XNA Framework that provided a large set of class libraries specific to game development.

This was a very large project for me at the time, however if I were to redo this project now, after having received a proper education in computer science, I think the size of the code base would be much, much smaller than it currently is. It was, however, a fun project to do and it is where I got my sea legs in programming and for that reason I have always been very fond of it.