Ryan Avery

Pac-Man Map Maker

This project was created in the C# programming language and was built using Microsoft's XNA Framework. I made this program after I finished my Pac-Man game because trying to design a level using XML is almost impossible. After I made my first map I decided to make a level editor that would provide me a GUI to work with when creating maps. Once the user is finished making a map, the map can be saved to file in XML format which can then be read by the Pac-Man game and added to the list of maps the user will play.

I added a lot of features that I came to rely on when using Microsoft Paint. Things like the line drawer and paint bucket tool. Everything that can be seen in the GUI was made by myself in Microsoft Paint except for most of the pixel art for the look of the game board, although roughly a quarter of those I made myself because the stock pixel art for Pac-Man didn't have all of the game tiles that I wanted.

Each tile on the game board has an image as well as a number representing what type of tile it is. A tile numbered 2, for instance, means that the game will place a small pellet on that title that the Pac-Man character can eat. A tile with a 4, on the other hand, tells the game that it is a corning tile. This allows the game to handle corning very smoothly in the cases where the user is holding the right arrow to move right and then starts holding the up arrow at the same time indicating a turn will happen shortly thereafter. Overall, this program has worked fantastically and I am very glad that I made it. A map can be made using this Map Maker in roughly 5 minutes from start to finish.