Ryan Avery


This is a pathfinding program that I created in 2012 in the C# programming language using SDLdotNet. My enjoyment in creating this program and learning about different pathfinding algorithms was the main reason I ended up enrolling in Boise State's computer science program roughly a year later.

This is a relatively large project consisting of roughly 40 classes, however if I were to remake this project today, after having received a proper education in computer science, I'm sure the code base would be at least 50% smaller than it currently is.

The program is pretty simple. Clicking a tile will change its type from the state it is in to the next possible state, with states going from free, blocked (impassable terrain), start tile, to end tile. Once there is a start tile (green) and end tile (red), pressing the spacebar will start the currently-selected pathfinding algorithm. There are a lot of additional features in this program than those I have mentioned here, and if you would like to see all of the features in the program just play the YouTube video that is embedded into this webpage.